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11 to 14 May 2021 | Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal


​​​​​​Organised in partnership with the National Defence Institute, the main purpose of this course was to promote a debate on security issues affecting the Atlantic space, by bringing together representatives of member countries of the Atlantic Centre to reflect and discuss the complexity of international relations present in the Gulf of Guinea (GoG).​​

Seeking to develop analytical and critical skills that enhance active participation in the maritime security domain, this course stands as a valuable opportunity to discuss key challenges emerging in the context of the Gulf of Guinea.

The course was held in the Air Base n.º 4, at Lajes, Terceira Island, Azores, and included the participation of 25 auditors, from 13 different Atlantic countries. A considerable number of experts in this field was involved, with the promotion of multiple conferences and exercises on practical legal cases, coupled with local visits and a VIP Day with practical demonstration at sea.

We expect the course to become a regular feature of the Atlantic Centre’s activities, so stay tuned for future editions.

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Video: ​​​Practical Demonstration​ at sea