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The Atlantic Centre


The Atlantic Centre promotes defence capacity-building for the Atlantic as a Multilateral Centre of Excellence. Hosted by Portugal, it aims to foster the participation of several national military and civilian experts, from the Atlantic basin countries and partners.

The Centre is currently led by Rear-Admiral Nuno de Noronha Bragança​, the Coordinator, mandated to lead the process of setting-up the Centre.




The Centre’s activities revolve around three main tie​rs:

  • A Think Tank. A platform for thinking our common Atlantic space, dedicated to cutting-edge knowledge production and dissemination, and to supporting sound policy-development across the Atlantic. 
  • ​A Platform for Political Dialogue. For its Members and for the wider institutional Atlantic Community willing to participate, in order to identify common challenges, sharing of best-practices, and the identification of key political priorities of action.
  • The Defence Capacity Building. To plan, develop and implement doctrine, education and training, aimed at improving the capacity of riparian states to exercise responsible sovereignty and contribute to keeping the Atlantic a space of peace, security, and freedom. 

This tie​r-based construction will support the Centre’s activity in the domains of information collection, cyber-security, and space-based information. The monitoring of transnational threats, the implementation and development of projects, including delegated cooperation, and the evaluation of lessons learned are also among the act​ivities developed by the Atlantic Centre.


The Centre will be based in the Portuguese island of Terceira, in the Azores, right at the heart of the North Atlantic. The facilities are currently being renovated. In the meantime. In the meantime, the Atlantic Centre is operating from Lisbon, hosted at the Ministry of National Defence