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“A space for political dialogue and knowledge production. Unveil the complexities of the Atlantic and dive into insightful discussions with us. 

We delve into the heart of Atlantic affairs with engaging conversations on pressing issues facing the region. Each episode brings you thought-provoking perspectives from experts, academics, and innovative minds. 

With each episode, you will have the opportunity to explore: 

  • The Evolving Landscape of Atlantic Geopolitics: Gain a deeper understanding of the political dynamics shaping the region. ​
  • Global Challenges with an Atlantic Focus: Hear diverse viewpoints on issues impacting the Atlantic and beyond. 
  • Building a Brighter Atlantic Future: Discover innovative solutions for a more just and sustainable Atlantic community. 

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Interview with the coordinator of the Atlantic Centre, Admiral Nuno Noronha de Bragança​​

In this episode, we dive into the world of maritime security with Admiral Nuno Noronha de Bragança, the coordinator of the Atlantic Centre. We discuss the center's mission, the highlights of the IV Maritime Security Course, and the importance of international cooperation in safeguarding our seas. Join us for an insightful conversation. ​​​This episode is produced by the Atlantic Center with su​pport from Directorate-General for National Defense Policy, and production by Carolina Martinho and Rafaela Almeida.​​​​​​​​