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​​The Atlantic Centre will host its fifth seminar "V Atlantic Centre Seminar", on November 8th, 2023, under the theme "Great Power Competition in the Atlantic".

The Atlantic has long been an ocean of relative peace. Once at the centre stage of global affairs, it has been perceived as losing importance as increased focus is given to the Indo-Pacific region. However, great power competition and recent developments in the Atlantic have brought renewed attention to this ocean.

The major Atlantic powers, struggle to find cohesive responses to the growing challenges in the Atlantic. The southern hemisphere is also confronted with onslaughts of disparate engagement. These new broad challenges that cross the entire international context make it essential to discuss governance in the Atlantic, privileging the political dialog and the role of each of the institutions in supporting solid policy-development across the Atlantic using the Atlantic Centre original concept "All of Atlantic Approach".

Aware that, international politics is facing a return to great power competition, the overarching topic of the event will deal with the multilateral security ecosystem in the Atlantic and aims to reflect on the existing multilateral and multinational initiatives dealing with security across this vast area.

The V Atlantic Centre Seminar will take place, in Lisbon, at the Nation​al Defence Institute. Participation in the event is public, subject to prior online registration.

Please note that, for reasons of capacity, participation is limited to reserved seats, so it is not possible to guarantee the participation of all those registered.

Please register here not later than 3rd November 2023. If your participation is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email.​

Please accesses the complete progr​amme.​

Poster V Atlantic Centre Seminar