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Unpacking the multilateral security ecosystem in the Atlantic

In the context of the Atlantic Centre’s growing institutionalisation, two editions of the Seminar of the Atlantic Centre have taken place on November 2019 and October 2020. The organization of a third follow-up event on 19 October 2021, in partnership with the National Defence Institute, was an opportunity to deepen research lines and reinforce the conceptual grounds of future activities.​

About the Sem​​inar​

This Seminar brought together, in a hybrid format, experts and policymakers working directly on Atlantic security and defence, with the explicit goal of consolidating the relevance of the Atlantic Centre as an aggregating platform for key discussions concerning the security and stability of the whole of the Atlantic.

The overarching theme of the III AC Seminar was ‘Unpacking the multilateral security ecosystem in the Atlantic’ and aimed to reflect on the existing multilateral and multinational initiatives dealing with security across this vast area. It mapped established and new cooperation formats, and ​it identified competing dynamics of overlap, complementarity and cooperation that contribute to generate lasting solutions for common security threats. 

Work proceedings were centred on the discussion of 1) lessons learned from previous information sharing and deconfliction practices between different institutions and initiatives, as well as 2) the added value of informal settings and multinational exercises in the face of ongoing geopolitical dynamics.​​​



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