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Defence Capacity-building

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​About the Seminar

The Atlantic Defence Capacity-building Centre is being developed by the Portuguese Ministry of Defence since 2018.  It aims to be a multinational centre of excellence, hosted by Portugal, and dedicated to defence capacity building in the Atlantic.

Portugal is currently working simultaneously on two approaches. Firstly, defining the value-added and the specific contribution of such a centre, considering the many activities already in place contributing to security in the Atlantic; and secondly, working on presenting and discussing the idea with potential partners, to gauge their own take on what the Centre can provide.

This one-day seminar had one main objective, which was to gather the inputs from experts and policymakers working on different dimensions of security in the Atlantic, in order to provide a more solid, informed, and updated conceptual and operational basis for the future Atlantic Centre.

The seminar was therefore dedicated to thinking what the benefit of such a centre would be, considering several security challenges in the Atlantic, and to thinking the particular issue of maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea.​

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Policy Briefs

Policy Brief 01, de maio de 2020, de Andreas Velthuizen 


Policy Brief 02, de maio de 2020, de Antonio Rui de Almeida Silva 

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