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Cyber Academia and Innovation Hub


​​​​​​A Working Group (WG) has been formed to implement the CAIH

​​This WG has the following missions, among others:

  • ​​​​​​​​​To evaluate and select proposals resulting from the formal invitation (CALL) to public or private ​entities that will integrate the CAIH at the national level, namely those of the Defence Technological and Industrial Base and the National Scientific and Technological System, exercising for that purpose the functions of an evaluation and selection jury;
  • To finalize a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the participating entities, in case the conditions for the approval of CAIH’s statutes are not yet met;
  • To present a proposal for CAIH’s statutes, as a private non-profit association, oriented towards the pursuit of the public interest;To develop CAIH’s Programme of Work (PoW);
  • To coordinate with the European Defence Agency (EDA), Spain and other Member States to formally launch the EU CAIH PESCO project, to develop the corresponding MoU and PoW, as well as to prepare projects to be submitted to the European Defence Fund (EDF);
  • To establish partnerships, namely with the NATO Communications and Information Academy (NCI-A), with CPLP countries and with other initiatives of national interest.
​​ ​​ ​

The WG is composed by:

  • COL Paulo Fernando Viegas Nunes - Director;​
  • Mrs. Sofia de Vasconcelos Casimiro – Administration; ​
  • LTC José Carlos Reimão Teixeira – Education, Training and Exercises;
  • LTC Luis Salomão de Carvalho – Research, Development and Innovation;  
  • COL José Vieira – Support to RD&I projects;
  • Mrs. Catarina Nunes – Support to Industrial Development projects; ​
  • ​LTC Vitor Manuel Maia Couto – Studies and Support Area; ​
  • CDR Francisco Câmara de Assunção - Studies and Support Area; 
  • MAJ Pedro Miguel Martins Grifo - Studies and Support Area; 
  • MAJ André Manuel Pinheiro Castro - Studies and Support Area. ​