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Centro do Atlântico

II Seminar of the Atlantic Centre

Twenty nations and international organizations discuss “Multidimensional responses to complex emergencies in the Atlantic”

​​​​​​Specialists from twenty nations and international organizations will discuss “Multidimensional responses to complex emergencies in the Atlantic" in the second seminar of the Atlantic Centre, on 16 October 2020.​

The opening session will be presided by the Portuguese Minister of National Defence, João Gomes Cravinho, who will deliver the opening address, followed by António C​osta Silva as the event's keynote speaker.

The opening ceremony will be broadcasted live from 09:00am to 10:30am, on IDN's YouTube channel available at:​​


​Public session

​09h00 | Opening Session

  • Helena Carreiras, Director of National Defence Institute

  • LtGen Manuel Rafael Martins, Commander of the University Military Institute

  • BGen Nuno Lemos Pires, Interim Coordinator of the Atlantic Centre

  • João Gomes Cravinho, Portuguese Minister of Defenc​e

09h45 | Keynote session

  • António Costa Silva, Chairman of the Senior Management Committee of Partex

Restricted sessions*

10h45 | Working session: “Good practices and lessons learned from crisis management"

14h30 | Working session: “Operational responses to crises"

17h00 | Closing Session

  • Helena Carreiras, Director of National Defence Institute

  • BGen Nuno Lemos Pires, Interim Coordinator of the Atlantic Centre

*live streaming will not be available​

About the Seminar

The second seminar of the Atlantic Centre will bring together experts and policymakers working directly on the Atlantic, with the aim of consolidating the relevance of the Atlantic Centre as a platform for discussions over different security dimensions in the region.

The seminar will reflect recent international developments, as well as pressing interests from countries that make up the Atlantic and multilateral organizations that operate within. Hence, it will be structured around one overarching theme: Multidimensional responses to complex emergencies in the Atlantic. Work proceedings will concentrate on the ramifications of composite crises as well as on the multifaceted roles contemporary Armed Forces can assume in this regard, with a particular interest on how Space-related capabilities can assist in developing effective responses.

Given the latent implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is increasingly topical to explore how existing defence capabilities suffice to tackle events of this scope and magnitude in the Atlantic. Yet, even though public health issues are currently a top priority, crises of the sort can also easily emerge due to e.g. cybersecurity issues, natural disasters resulting from climate change, illegal extraction of resources, or the violation of national sovereign limits. Responses to these complex scenarios require more and more integrated approaches that recur to innovative data and make use of multiple available resources.

In order to address properly these themes, the first working session will map a set of good practices that have emerged from varied crises affecting the Atlantic. The second session will centre on tools to prevent and mitigate the effects of future crises, namely space-related capabilities. The seminar will be structured in a round-table format, where participants will be invited to briefly present their contribution to the debate, followed by an exchange of views and discussion among all those attending.​​